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Do you enjoy a challenge? Do you have a vivid imagination and big plans in your head? Are you open-minded about cultural diversity? Always open to new talent, we'll be delighted to meet you.

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Opale Net is constantly looking for dynamic candidates to expand its team and broaden its skills. Your profile is interesting, you are open-minded, you have a proposal to make us, we are listening to you. The advantages offered by our company are far superior to those offered by SME as such as ours. Joining our team means entering a unique and exhilarating world.

Linux System Administrator

Have you mastered Linux, Docker and MariaDB? We have a job offer that you can't possibly decline.

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QA Analyst

If it's not tested, it's broken, and we don't like broken things.

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Vue.js Developer

You are autonomous, sensitive to usability issues and like teamwork? We have an offer for you.

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Senior PHP Developer

Are challenges your thrill? Do you like working in a team? We might have something for you

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the benefits of a humane society

In addition to being able to rely on each other, helping each other at work, sharing knowledge and celebrating many successes, the idea of the Opale Net family is to find a sense of comfort and well-being in one's work environment. At Opale Net, we feel comfortable and confident.

monthly activity

Because Opale Net members enjoy meeting each other outside the office, a social life revolves around various activities once a month. Restaurant, picnic, bowling, sugar shack, escape room, tree climbing, paintball, karaoke night are just a few examples of activities offered during these outings.

competitive salary

Salary, while not the top priority, is an important factor in the appreciation of a job. Opale Net is aware of this and offers salaries commensurate with the talent of its new recruits.

One week annual trip

At Opale Net, we don't celebrate the holidays like everyone else… Rather than a festive meal in a restaurant, a festive week in the South, in the sun, is proposed. Spouse(s) and child(ren) are also welcome!

3 weeks holiday

In Quebec, you normally have to work a full year before getting 2 weeks of paid vacation from your employer. At Opale Net, it's 3 weeks of paid vacation upon hiring, an advantage very much appreciated by recruits arriving from outside the province.

commuting allowance

Every member of Opale Net is entitled to a travel allowance, paid directly out of his/her salary, at the beginning of each month. This extra income is always welcome!


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