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Who doesn't dream of working in a friendly environment, with a competitive salary and numerous benefits? An atmosphere where colleagues are like members of the same family. Not to mention afterhours, pool, pinball, gym, travel…


plateau Mont-Royal

Our offices are located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal's mythical place, the theatre of culture, gastronomy and a nightlife that is unique in the world. All within 50 yards of the subway.

TRAVEL = $$$

commuting allowance

Opale Net members are entitled to a travel allowance, paid directly out of their salary, at the beginning of each month. This financial bonus is always greatly appreciated!


the training room

For those who are hyperactive or thinking about getting back into shape, a gym has been set up in the basement. There are various devices including a treadmill, an elliptical, a power plate, etc.


Friday afterhours

Every Friday, when 3 p.m. arrives, the Opale Net team shares a relaxing moment during the weekly afterhours. From 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., the management invites its team to relax with a drink and talk about anything and everything. One condition: no talking about work! On the menu: cocktails, beers, snacks, music and entertainment!


entertainment room

At Opale Net, leisure has a place in our days. Our entertainment room features a pool table, two pinball machines, console games, karaoke and full DJ equipment. Everything is in place to guarantee good times and friendly competition!


zen space

Pleasantly arranged for moments of relaxation or reflection, the Zen space offers all the comfort to its users. Comfortable sofa, soothing decor and multi-mode massage chair. Relaxation guaranteed…


the importance of free time

More and more people are prioritizing their quality of life over any other form of social benefits. However, at Opale Net, free time is greatly considered. Public holidays, accumulated holidays, administrative days, annual vacations, end-of-year travel… this time is considered essential for everyone.

time off, how does it work?

A bank of leave is made available to everyone to enable them to deal with administrative obligations, medical needs, parental responsibilities, etc. These leaves are renewable at the beginning of each year. Some are paid, some are not.

3 weeks holiday

Annual vacations are determined by the seniority of the members. However, a recruit benefits from 3 paid weeks when he starts his adventure at Opale Net. Then, the more years you accumulate, the more vacation time you get…

monthly activity

A group activity is organized once a month. Restaurant, picnic, bowling, sugar shack, escape room, tree climbing, paintball, karaoke night are just a few examples of expeditions offered during these outings.

one week annual trip

The company Opale Net generously invites us to spend a week of sunshine at the beach all together, as an end of year gift. It is a privileged moment during which we discover our colleagues from a different angle. It is also an opportunity to forge bonds of belonging to the Opale Net family.


health concerns? Not a problem!

Occasional health problems can cause problems in some companies but not at Opale Net. 5 days of leave for medical reasons are allocated to each person, without justification from a health professional.


do you hear the call from the beach?

It is a privilege to spend 7 days under the sun and the moment of departure is always eagerly awaited. This tradition was initiated in 2011 and allowed us to visit some southern countries and get to know other cultures.

why travel?

To have fun, to get away from it all, to relax, for the pleasure of exchanging with colleagues, to make discoveries about ourselves and others.

what destinations?

The Caribbean, the West Indies, the South especially, in «all-inclusive hotels» or MED Clubs. So we tanned on the beaches of Cuba, the Dominican Republic, the Turquoise Islands, Mexico… The next destination will be a surprise!

when do we leave?

Usually mid-November. However, this is not a fixed date, as certain factors have to be taken into account, such as the number of sufficient seats for the group, fares for the company, the climate, and so on.


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